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Can a mini donut bar be done indoors?


Yes! We can safely make mini donuts indoors or outdoors. We only need access to a 20a outlet to plug our machine in (generator rental optional). Please make sure we have access to one of these in advance.

Check out our power requirements HERE!

How many donuts can you make per hour?

Good Question!

At full speed, our machine can make 1200 donuts per hour. that’s 100 DOZEN donuts per hour. Although for most events or parties we don’t need to run it that fast, so the donuts that get eaten can come out fresh every time!

Do you have toppings?

Of course! Powdered sugar and Cinnamon sugar are the most popular, but we can add a variety of toppings such as Oreo cookie crumbs, fruity pebbles, rainbow sprinkles, and other custom variations to match your event.

How many donuts do people usually eat.

A general serving size at a party is about 6 donuts. Altho guests are welcome to have as many as they like. Many do come back for seconds, or even thirds, as fresh made onsite mini donuts is a rare treat for all ages.

Hot, Fresh, Live Mini Donut Bar For Your Next Event!

Why donuts?

Why not?

Our fresh mini donuts made live at your event adds an extra special live dessert attraction. The aroma of fresh donuts and cinnamon (you’ll think you’re at an amusement park) fill the air, and the site of them being made live as they come down the conveyer is a real crowd pleaser.

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