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In the heart of Southern California’s bustling event scene, Mike’s Mini Donuts was born out of a passion for crafting delightful moments, one mini donut at a time. Serving Los Angeles, Orange County, and Ventura County, we’ve made it our mission to turn ordinary events into extraordinary experiences.    

A Glimpse Behind the Donut Magic

Every event, big or small, has a story. Our tale begins with a vision to bring smiles, laughter, and a dash of whimsy to catering and events across Southern California. But what sets our mini donuts apart? It’s the mesmerizing dance of dough and oil. With a fully automated donut machine, guests are treated not just to a mouthwatering delight but also to a visual spectacle as the dough gracefully floats and flips on a river of oil.

Crafted to Perfection

Our commitment to quality is unwavering. With the capability to serve up to 1200 freshly baked donuts per hour, we guarantee a seamless experience, ensuring no guest is left waiting. And while the classic charm of powdered and cinnamon sugar never fades, we invite the adventurous at heart to indulge in our optional toppings bar, drizzling and sprinkling to their heart’s content.

Mobile and Ready to Serve

Without the constraints of a permanent location, our mobility is our strength. Whether it’s a beachside wedding in Ventura, a corporate event in downtown Los Angeles, or a birthday bash in Orange County, our team is ready to roll up and spread donut joy.

Join Us in the Celebration

At Mike’s Mini Donuts, every donut crafted is a testament to our love for creating memorable moments. We believe in the magic of gatherings and the power of a simple donut to turn moments into lasting memories.

Let’s make your next event unforgettable. Reach out to us and let the donut magic begin! 

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About Michael

Mike’s Mini Donuts was founded by Michael Stellman – A professional magician, actor and entertainer, but he also  holds a degree in Culinary Arts from the prestigious Johnson and Wales University.  Combining his love of the theatrics with high quality food preparation and ingredients, Mike’s Mini Donuts was a natural conglomeration of talents!

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