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Mini Donuts

Made Live!

Something Different For Your Next Event!

(Serving Southern California!)

Unique, Inspiring, Fun-

Our commitment to quality, service, and of course donuts goes a long way to make your next event extra special.

A Real Mini Donut Factory

A real live mini donut factory at your party is a great way to have an interactive dessert attraction that guests will love.

Always Made Fresh, and Live!

Yes, we mix our batter on site in front of the guests and every order is made fresh to serve.
We use Kosher certified, top quality donut ingredients with no artificial flavors or preservatives.

Donuts Made So Far This Year!

Seeking a unique party rental station?

Dive into the world of mini donuts with our mobile station, serving the heart of Los Angeles, Orange County, and Ventura County. Although we go all over, so feel free to contact us with your events in Riverside and San Bernardino as well.

Craving a sweet and mesmerizing experience for your next event? 

 Witness the magic as our state-of-the-art machine crafts each donut, floating them on a river of oil, and flipping them to perfection—all fully automated.

Our mini donuts are not just a treat for the palate but also a feast for the eyes. At full throttle, we promise up to 1200 freshly made donuts per hour, ensuring no guest is left waiting. Choose between classic powdered sugar or warm cinnamon sugar coatings. Feeling a tad more indulgent? Upgrade to our toppings bar and let your guests drizzle and sprinkle to their heart’s content.

Turn your event into a memorable spectacle with our mini donut action station—because every moment is worth celebrating with a donut in hand!

Our Clients

Some of our happy customers include:

"Keep calm and eat a donut."

Albert Einstein (?)

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